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Monday, November 24, 2014

That Dress!!! Kay Francis in "Mandalay"

Once upon a time (and still to this day), my ideal of movie glamour included something shiny and sparkly. Over time, my taste has become slightly more refined, but I confess my eyes are always drawn to the glitter and sparkle and way-too-much that spells glamour to me.

One such dress that screams all of the above is worn by Kay Francis in 1934's "Mandalay." Sleek as a thoroughbred, Kay is poured into liquid simmer and adorned with feathers, Vaseline, bangles and attitude.

If you were a female star at Warner Brothers in the 1930s, chances are you were gowned by the great Orry-Kelly. In "Mandalay," Kelly created a wardrobe for Kay that reflected the slightly scarlet, slightly sympathetic and very steamy world inhabited by the fabulously named Spot White.

Because Orry-Kelly was on an orgy of glamour with Kay, I have included a few other goodies from "Mandalay." Kay managed to look gorgeous whether adorned with jewels, flowers, feathers, a fan or sequins, either one at a time or all at once.

For Kay in "Mandaly" too much is just right.


  1. Beautiful post! The photos are lovely and I adore the Posters--could hang them on my wall. I don't know the film and I had no idea Orry-Kelly was so creative. I just read that Kay was 5'9" tall. I thought GG was the tallest 1930s actress. Can it be true? She would have towered over most of the leading men. No wonder she wore clothes so well! Gorgeous, enjoyable post! I may share it when I get Gilda out of my system...

  2. Merci, my friend, Kay is just too stunning for word here.