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Sunday, May 31, 2015

WILD THING! Sexy Looks That are Spot On

Let's operate on the premise that all furs here are faux (except the ones on the animal). Real fur is a no-no, but back in the day it was a symbol of luxury and, when some spots were involved, a way up the ante (as C.C. Baxter would say) sex-wise.

If you look deep in her eyes, you'll see Audrey's inner wild cat

A few wild accessories hint that Missy is a wild one 

Carmen Miranda also uses spotted dental floss

Carole Lombard looks glam and sexy


Spots lend wildcat Clara an air of sophistication

Is that you, Claudette Colbert or am I seeing spots?

Gene Tierney looks a might uncomfortable.
Maybe the bathing suit was his mother?

Joan Blondell tells her cheetah pal to relax -  it's only faux fur.

Spots help Marilyn do elegant with a touch of sexy
Natalie Wood loved leopard - here she surrounds herself with it
Vivien looking feline
Bebe Daniels always looks luxe - whether going exotic or chic
Bette Davis proves that spots can say "come hither" or "I dare you."
Mrs. Robinson  - sexy all over

And there was Gloria, who had a career-long love affair with the big cat look

Leopard as worn by Norma Desmond - the greatest star of them all!