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Monday, November 24, 2014

That Dress!!! Kay Francis in "Mandalay"

Once upon a time (and still to this day), my ideal of movie glamour included something shiny and sparkly. Over time, my taste has become slightly more refined, but I confess my eyes are always drawn to the glitter and sparkle and way-too-much that spells glamour to me.

One such dress that screams all of the above is worn by Kay Francis in 1934's "Mandalay." Sleek as a thoroughbred, Kay is poured into liquid simmer and adorned with feathers, Vaseline, bangles and attitude.

If you were a female star at Warner Brothers in the 1930s, chances are you were gowned by the great Orry-Kelly. In "Mandalay," Kelly created a wardrobe for Kay that reflected the slightly scarlet, slightly sympathetic and very steamy world inhabited by the fabulously named Spot White.

Because Orry-Kelly was on an orgy of glamour with Kay, I have included a few other goodies from "Mandalay." Kay managed to look gorgeous whether adorned with jewels, flowers, feathers, a fan or sequins, either one at a time or all at once.

For Kay in "Mandaly" too much is just right.