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Sunday, March 2, 2014

That Dress!!!! Unforgettable Movie Dresses: Scarlett's Love Bird Dress

I think this will become a regular post here (as regular as irregular posts go) - unforgettable movie dresses.

My absolute number 1 movie dress obsession is Scarlett's Love Bird Dress from GONE WITH THE WIND.

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett in her beautiful Love Bird Dress

Seen only briefly and from the waist up, this is the dress Scarlett is wearing in the New Orleans honeymoon scene.

Designer Walter Plunkett designed a true fashion work of art for Scarlett and the dress was seen for just a few seconds.

Plunkett's original sketch

I have not been able to find any full length photos of Vivien Leigh in this dress. However, its beauty is not forgotten, as it appears again, years later, on the Red Carpet celebrating great cinematic costume design. (Thanks for the photo, Inge!)

There it is again!!!

I have not been able to track down what actually happened to the original. I'd love to know the fate of this beautiful dress.