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Monday, October 21, 2013

Ooo La La! The Ever Cool Look of Jean Seberg in "Breathless"

So modern, so clean, so Parisian and yet so American - the look of Jean Seberg in Jean Luc Goddard's 1960 classic "Breathless" never fails to take my breath away!

Every photo looks as thought it could have been taken yesterday. Breathless and timeless.


  1. Oh my goodness -- where did this come from? It has the feel of a brand new set of sheets -- like crisp linen. Love it! Jean Seberg was indeed lovely. A great start for a site about beautiful things on your mind ......

  2. Well, as usual, I'm behind a tad -- I just noticed this isn't exactly a new site. Duh -- well, it's new to me, and I love it! Hey, I followed it, but I don't show up ... well, I'll try again.

  3. Oh, Becky - you are just a darling. I haven't put this one out there much - just something I'm playing with and waiting to see if inspiration strikes. Thanks so much for your comments and following. ♥ to you.

  4. Lovely! Stylish and smart--always adored Jean Seberg. Shared.

  5. Well, if anything's gonna bring me out of hiding, it's gonna be another ever-so marvelous somewhere out there/in here entry from the one and only FlickChick. All of which, this time around the nearest available thereabouts, puts a well deserved spotlight on French New Wave Female Icon #1, Jean Seberg. Oh sure, time and time again, Anna Karina gets the bulk of the present tense retro-based attention whenever such a discussion arises - and, somewhat automatically so, as a result of her otherwise amazing string of cinematic essentials from 1960 to somewhere around 1968 (I think), but still..... In other words, as always, Jean Seberg rules. And not just because she was the original go-to iconic on-screen female that officially helped put the French New Wave on the international film world map, of sorts. But, if you gotta start somewhere in describing the everlasting allure of her perpetual on-screen image, what the heck, that's as good a place as any to start the discussion. In still other words, thanks Marsha for putting this one in forward motion and assembling it with some altogether wonderful visual reminders as to just how and why the legendary status of Ms. Seberg as a go-to/must be remembered, right place/right time, star of all seasons remains now and forever, all the way true. Or something like that, if not more so, thanks to a right about now (and how) have to go there direct hit of, yeah, this.

    1. Ah, my knight in shining armor has emerged! You, sir, are too kind, too wonderful, and you make this girl blush just a little.

  6. Oh, thank you, Inge - your approval humbles me!